Becoming an expert in your field has become a very important part of SEO and establishing your online business presence. When you are established as an expert in your field, you gain the trust of your clients and site visitors. You are more likely to be recommended by others who see you as an expert. The primary way to be recognized as an industry expert is basically to get yourself out there. By sharing what you know on industry related topics, you will increase your visibility and build an online community around you. It is important to know how to leverage your expertise in order to help your brand have a further reach. There are some methods that are considered to be good on page or off page SEO strategies. Here are a few to use to help establish yourself as an expert in your industry.


Before you Begin

No matter how knowledgeable of your brand or product you are, you cannot be an expert on everything related to it. In other words, to be most effective, choose a narrowed field to share your expertise about. For example, instead of trying to become an expert in just “communications” narrow it down to a single aspect to differentiate yourself from others. You’ll be more likely to be successful branding yourself as an expert in “social media marketing for small business” which is a much narrower field.


Start a Related Blog

Once you are certain what the specifics are pertaining to the area of your expertise, set up a blog. The blog can be on an industry related website, or it can be off-site which can provide relevant backlinks to the main site which is a good off site SEO strategy. The blog should center on topics which are trending in your particular industry such as answering consumers questions or offering “how to” posts which will address some of the common challenges readers or customers might face. Remember that even though you want to establish yourself as an expert; but you also want to help consumers. You may also use the blog to share interesting news from different sources and then add your own commentary.  Being a guest blogger on other related blogs can also give your credibility a boost.


Designing a Specialized Website

You may want to create your own website which allows you to share your expertise. This site will be a dedicated site which includes your bio and business related information along with your headshot. This gives you credibility with readers and including an actual photo on all your sites helps readers have a real person to connect to. You may also be able to add a press page which will showcase your works especially those that may have been published.


Brand Yourself through Social Media

It is commonplace for industry experts to constantly tweet and retweet business related material. You may also offer advice or start conversations on online forums. There are also social platforms through which experts such as yourself can share articles or video content. In many cases, it is a good idea to create a Facebook page which highlights your specialty.


Make Use of Videos and Podcasts

Publishing videos and Podcasts are some of the most ignored digital marketing tools available. You can share your expertise by producing videos or Podcasts that are made available online. You may even want to set up your own YouTube channel where you periodically and regularly share specific information with your followers. You can create a series of videos that can be posted on YouTube or just share some tips that consumers will find useful. This also provides an opportunity for you to provide a personal commentary on current events. It’s really as simple as setting up a camera in your office and recording videos then uploading them to YouTube or other video platforms.


Podcasts are also a great way to share your expertise. It’s really as simple as writing a script or making an outline and then record yourself. Podcasts can include useful tips, commentary or opinions on related topics. You may also want to conduct interviews with other industry related professionals. Podcasts are a useful tool since consumers can download them onto digital devices and take them with them on the go.


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