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How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Business

Facebook and Notes
Using Facebook Notes

Many experts agree that Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that are used for large scale business promotion. The social media giant has a global outlook that spans across 126 different countries around the world and has more than 845 million active users. Facebook can be a useful tool for promoting your business, or your website. Using Facebook to compliment other web marketing strategies can end up being a valuable resource. For those who use Facebook for web marketing campaigns or SEO purposes it will require that you are consistent and patient.

Create a Facebook Business Page

Your Facebook page should reflect the look and feel of your business website. The profile should incorporate keywords which describe the business so that new and existing clients are able to find your page. Don’t forget to create a places page by using the “Check-In” feature. This will allow you to claim your business and then customers can use their mobile devices to “check in.” This will automatically post your business name and location on their facebook page. This will inform all of their friends that they are supporting your business. Think of it as free advertising – because it is!

Promote Your Facebook page and Posts

As soon as the business page is completed, send a note via email to your entire database. Make sure that you inform them that when they “like” your page they will have access to promotions, insider tips, and special events. Attitude is everything; explain to consumers how your Facebook page is going to add value to them. Add facebook links to your emails, and add “like” buttons to your website content or blog. You want your business to be connected with Facebook and for this connection to be reciprocated.

Use Facebook Notes

Notes are a unique way to provide more content which can support your business. Facebook notes are very similar to blogging; it basically allows an individual the benefit of integrating blogging with your Facebook social/business page. These notes can be included on your profile or on the Facebook page. Users are allowed to subscribe to your notes via RSS feeds just like off-Facebook blogs. Using Facebook notes can help establish you as an authority on your niche and give you a unique way of connecting with clientele as well as a way to receive valuable feedback from your audience. It is also possible to integrate external blogs that you own to the Facebook account. On Facebook’s Import a Blog page just enter the URL to your blog and click the terms of service. It will automatically import all of the previous entries and transform them to notes. Any new blog entries will automatically be published in Facebook notes as well.

Host Giveaways

Most of the professionals in marketing and advertising agree that an effective way to generate lots of buzz is to give something away for free. Many facebook campaigns offer free prizes when the business or fan page reaches a certain number of fans. Most of the time, fans must “like” the post and “share” it on their facebook wall in order to enter the giveaway. This can be a very effective way of using facebook for branding as it can get the business name and idea out there in front of a lot of people in a relatively short amount of time. Once a fan “likes” your page they will continue to receive your posts and information on their walls. Be very careful to check with Facebook’s Terms of Service concerning giveaways and contests as their policies are constantly evolving. It is also important to make sure that giveaways are legal in your region.




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