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Web Design

Web Design is a combinaiton of various elements to produce a web site that will appeal to customers in the geographical region of New Jersey. A good design will engage site visitors with a nice visual design, easy navigation, quality content and the information they are seeking including contact information.  A basic web site design will at least have some combination of text, videos, sounds and images.

There are several possible languages used in web site design: HTML, JavaScript, CSS and XHTML just for starters. IT can become rather complicated quickly especially for those who are just learning about web design. A simple design will probably only need HTML, but when you start adding Flash or interactive menus it gets more complicated. Here are a few of the languages and their benefits.

Markup Languages: XML, XHTML, HTML

The main function of a markup language is to allow web designers to annotate text. This is probably the most popular language used. It is a simple language which can be typed into a text editor. It is very basic so if you want to create something more dynamic, you may need to check out some of the other languages.

Style Sheet Languages: XSL, CSS

This language is used to present structured documents. This is an attractive feature since the document’s content can be reused in various contexts and presented in different ways. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is used to style documents that were written in markup languages. Basically, this allows the web designer to process content and then decide on the best output.

Client Side Scripting (JavaScript, VBscript)

Just about everyone has heard the term JavaScript. JavaScript is a scripting program that determines how a page and user interact. One of the advantages of this type of technology is that it enables the web designer to combine static HTML with HTML that is dynamically generated.

It can be difficult when designing a web site to decide which language should be used; some web design languages do allow you to add dynamic content to your website, and there are some that work better with SEO, you should consult an expert prior to making a decision.  It will really depend largely on what you want to do with the website and who the targeted audience is as well as what they are looking for. Basic HTML will probably be sufficient for a simple page with just some text and images. If you want to add videos and other interactive options you will also have to look at a more complicated language.

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