As with any business operation, doctor’s offices must also rely on marketing to attract new patients into their businesses.  In fact, without a steady flow of new and returning patients, a doctor’s office will not survive for long.  Yet, many doctors are not maximizing their marketing potential.  One very effective way to boost the marketing efforts of a doctor’s office is to employ a social media marketing strategy.  Today, billions of people log on to their social media accounts to connect with friends, family, colleagues and businesses, including doctor’s offices.  Platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have changed the ways in which people interact with one another as well as how doctors interact with their patients.  Here are some of the top ways social media marketing for doctors is improving the ways in which doctors can expand their practices.
So Why Social Media Marketing?  

Social networks are some of the fastest growing online platforms in the world and today, millions of people use them to connect with others in meaningful ways.  People rely on social media for a number of reasons.  These include to foster relationships as well as to follow their favorite brands—this includes doctor’s offices.  Doctors can use social media to effectively communicate with customers and to deliver messages and other helpful information that can improve their patient’s quality of life.


In fact, many prospective patients will search for information on social media platforms before they ever set foot in a doctor’s office.  They may research more information on their specific healthcare condition or they may simply search for local doctors in the area.  They will then make a decision on who to make an appointment with based on the quality of the content that doctor has posted online.  This is why it is so important for doctor’s offices to maintain an active social media presence.  In short, social media marketing for doctors matters for their business growth.


Getting Started with a Social Media Marketing Plan

Getting started with a strategic social media marketing plan is no longer an option for doctor’s offices; it is an imperative.  Doctors who do not want to be left behind as technology advances can implement a social media marketing plan that will yield results and lead to new patient sign ups.  Here are a few helpful tips for implementing an effective social media marketing plan today:


  • Set Goals and Objectives. The first step in deciding on a social media plan is to set clear goals and objectives on what the doctor would like to achieve.  This can include sales goals such as a certain number of new patients by the end of the quarter or it could include a certain number of viewers on an explainer video, for instance.
  • Know the Core Audience. Next, the doctor should have a clear understanding of the needs of the core audience.  For example, if the doctor specializes in spinal care and pain management, the core audience would be patients who are experiencing these ailments.  In this scenario, the doctor could provide links to relevant articles that explain the common side effects of popular medications that addresses this health concern.
  • Decide on the Media and Frequency of Posts. Next decide on the actual media that will be posted as how long the social media campaign will run.  Social media content can include variety of posts such as photos, graphics, videos, quotes and helpful links to articles and blog posts.
  • Remain Consistent. As prospective customers become accustomed with the doctor’s brand they will expect content on a regular basis.  The key to any effective social media marketing plan is consistency.  Many doctors’ offices who have never used social media for business purposes may post haphazardly without a clear direction in mind.  By posting thoughtful, consistent content, leads will be engaged and they will rely on the doctor’s expertise for their most pressing health questions.


Ready to jumpstart a social media marketing campaign today?  For doctors who are ready to create a results-driven social media marketing plan, contact a team of social media marketing specialist today.  There are so many benefits associated with social media marketing for doctors.  Doctors today understand that in order to market effectively to patients, they must meet their patients where they are.  Today, these patients are online, networking and researching across various social media platforms.  Therefore, doctors who maintain a social media presence are prepared to meet the needs of these modern, tech-savvy patients.


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